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 6 Week Step-by-Step Online Course Launch Formula

Learn how to build and sell your online course successfully to your first 8 to 12 customers and have them rave about how great the course delivered on their needs.

6-Week Step-by-Step Online Course Formula gets you:

9 video rich lessons providing easy to follow steps 

A template collection for selling and building your online course

A plan to follow for launching your course to 8 to 12 paying customers

Video lessons on how best to sell to any audience you serve

Hear what people have to say…

 “I was looking for what was missing in my membership site to stimulate growth. I had my own breakthrough by using Larry Jacob’s 6-Week Step-by-Step Formula. Starting out with Jorge’s market research questions and really hearing what my target market wanted and had time for was enlightening. From there, Jorge walks you through what to do with that information in formulating your course, sales and offer pages, website and other important success elements. This system was exactly what I need to get from “idea stage” to “launch stage” with my membership products. Thanks SO much, Jorge! You’re a rockstar in my book!”

Pam Ostroski / Alzheimer’s Family Consulting, LLC

“I was part way through developing my first course based on my book when I signed up for Jorge’s 6-Week program. I’m always keen to learn from other professionals and I was not disappointed. If you’re looking to get from ground zero to a fully functioning scalable business model quickly, then you’d be hard pushed to find a better starting point. Jorge clearly know what he’s talking about and delivering your course as part of a membership sites makes a lot of business sense! If you want to turn your knowledge sharing idea into reality then Jorge’s course is your step by step guide to make it happen.”

Chris Kent, MSc / Author of “21st Century Mktg"

 “When we try to put together an online course without help, guidelines, and a schedule, we just become our own bottleneck. I knew I needed to join Jorge’s 6-Week Online Course Launch Formula for the accountability and assistance of getting my course (a.k.a. a product) done. He had completed my new website 8 months prior, and I still didn’t have a product up on it. Using the market research survey questions he provided, I was able to get my survey out and responses back within a few days instead of it dragging on for months as it had done when left to it on my own. Participating in this course got me out of my own way to finally get my own course done.”

Sue Paananen /

“For years I have had it on my mind to create an online course. So much so, that I recorded my 11-part video series on journaling in the previous year. But I still had many questions about the process, and the finer points of getting it up online. When I had the opportunity to take Jorge’s Formula, I jumped and I’m glad I did. He led me through a step-by-step process from surveying our clients and potential clients to introducing us to, and building, the course’s technical aspect for us. Something I could never have done myself. Thank you Jorge. If you are even thinking about it and have the opportunity to take this class, I highly recommend it!”

 Elizabeth Wells / Your Story Matters

 6 Week Step-by-Step Online Course Launch Formula

Learn how to build, launch and sell your online course to your first 12 customers and have them rave about how great the course delivered to their needs.

Meet Your Instructor

Online Course Selling and Building Evangelist
Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Jorge (his friends pronounce it "George") is founder and owner of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, an online marketing agency dedicated to online course marketing and building. Jorge and his team have been focused on this space since 2012 when he launched the agency and they have made use of numerous technology platforms for delivering their solutions.

Jorge comes out of the technology space having earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science and working at places like IBM, KPMG Consulting, Bank of America, Subway's Restaurants Purchasing Cooperative and many others. Having turned is interests to making use of technology tools for marketing backup and recovery solutions, disaster recovery and high-end security solutions, Jorge began using these same strategies and tactics working with small business owners. He quickly saw the need for his systematic approach to delivering working solutions.

His Launch Formula came out of his experience working with business owners that needed online course platforms built but had failed to do necessary market research to confirm buyer demand for their offerings. This program came out of a number of years researching and experimenting that led to this proven formula for building online courses that not only sell, but sell profitably. 

He has committed himself to working with small business owners needing the coaching, marketing and technical building know-how necessary for successfully launching online courses.

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